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How to Cure Your Tinnitus Naturally WITHOUT Drugs or OTCs

Tinnitus treatment may best be described as waging a war against a wind mill. Like shingles, for which there is still no cure, except for some fleeting relief, tinnitus can only be tackled, not eliminated entirely from the system unless the sufferer takes a holistic approach to get rid of it for good. However, if ringing in the ear is also accompanied by pain or discharge from the ear, one should consult an ENT doctor to examine the ear and take necessary measures. But these are merely the symptoms of the problem, and not the problem itself.

Nevertheless, if tinnitus appears to be the ‘Villain of the piece’ and the victim finds no respite from the dreading sounds, then some of the following recourses are taken in the hope of getting some amount of relief.

Tinnitus Treatment Options:

  • OTC  medications – short-lived but potent with mild to severe side effects.
  • Masking devices that diverts the attention of the sufferer and includes ‘white noise’.
  • Relaxation modes that provide illusory relief.
  • Herbal medications that does not suit all.
  • Homeopathic relief but not cure.
  • Home remedies that mostly comprises old wife’s tales.

As far as OTC medications are concerned, the lesser these are employed the better for the patient since these are customarily associated with side effects that include constipation, headaches, irregular bowel syndrome and a host of other complications, which can be more disturbing than the ringing tones. Nevertheless, people resort to taking these pills when incessant racket at the head becomes truly unbearable.

Here’s a List of the Common Over-The-Counter Tinnitus Treatment Medications :

  • Setraline
  • Melatonin
  • Botulinum toxin
  • Propranolol/Clonazepam
  • Tricyclics
  • Acamprostrate
  • Lignocaine
  • Sodium fluoride/ Etidronate
  • Carbazepine

However, the masking devices that are often used to distract the patient’s attention to something else, thereby providing indirect relief, after all, is not as harmful as the OTC medications described above. These may include some preferred band of sound, commonest of them being ‘white noise’. CDs are available that play various distracting as well as interesting sound effects which include the cockpit noise of a jetliner flying at 40,000 feet or above, the sound created by whirling water in a Jacuzzi or the melodious sound of a waterfall. Of course, a Beethoven sonata can be equally appealing in such circumstances. In true sense, a masking device does not constitute a treatment regime but may be considered a sidetracking contrivance. But the problem is, here you are just trying to run away from the condition – the truth is, the problem remains.

Herbs often play a significant role in providing relief to tinnitus patients. For instance, Ginkgo Biloba, known to have properties that increase blood flow to the head and neck region is frequently administered to tinnitus victims in order to stimulate blood circulation in that area. Sesame seeds that are used by oriental doctors are also now used in theUnited States for treatment of tinnitus by many. A combination of Black Cohosh and Gingko, taken first thing in the morning is supposed to be helpful in relieving tinnitus problem to some extent.

Another herbal compound known as Vincamine, extracted from a herb called Periwinkle have been widely used inGermany for treating tinnitus and Meniere's syndrome  since long. The recommended dosage is 25 mg of this compound three times a day. However, an overdose of this herbal compound may cause a major drop in blood pressure and so should be carefully measured while on a course.

Also encouraging are Sunflower seeds, Passion flower and Mistletoe tea, all of these have properties to increase blood circulation and especially to increase blood flow to the head and neck region. Taken on a regular basis, they are supposed to control tinnitus problem adequately.

One must also refer the well known Chinese herbal formulation that is known as San-huang-hsin-tang which is a combination of Coptis and Rhubarb that is said to control tinnitus problem as well.

As far as Homeopathic treatment of tinnitus is concerned, the topic appears to be rather vague and indistinct. Besides, there are so many factors involved in identifying the various symptoms apart from the usual ringing tones heard by a patient as outlined in most Materia Medicas that choosing the right formulation often poses a big problem. Moreover, homeopathic curative principles differ from one patient’s constitution to that of another.

Tinnitus can be quite complicated because there are many contributing factors and triggers that make a person get this. Most conventional medications and even home remedies and herbal supplements may not work and this is because in most cases, they try to treat just the symptoms, whereas the real contributing factors remain unattended to. In reality, the internal root causes of the condition needs to be treated and if done, the symptoms will go away on their own. Treating the body as a whole, holistic remedies do this very well, and this is why they have been so successful in the treatment of tinnitus.

Tinnitus Treatment

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